Fashion has been a life source for me. Shopping the latest trends – and frankly spending money frequently – has been my go-to stress reliever since I was little. I have great respect for the fashion industry – perhaps not their standards, but their designs. I admire the beautiful handiwork and sweat put into each designer piece, and I admire the power fashion has to humankind.


Style is a way of expressing ourselves. It’s a way to embody our personalities and to have fun. I love vintage looks the most, but I can drool over modern threads just as much. Fashion has been so instrumental in my life that it was only fitting to have a section dedicated to it on my blog.


My mission for the fashion side of my blog is to provide readers with helpful tips, advice, and layouts for future outfits. Some of my posts may be dedicated to what I wore in certain places or during certain weather, and some may be simple displays of trends I’m loving. Readers can easily browse the categories beneath the explore section of the “Threads” tab on my blog’s menu.


Fashion is an art form. It’s beautiful. It’s weird. It’s everything to me, and writing about it gives me great pleasure. A blog is meant to be a form of retreat, of happiness, and my blog wouldn’t be that without fashion.

Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman