Time Is What You Make of Your Life


Time is relative.

Sure, we have a clock we live by externally and internally – but what we do with the time on that clock is completely unique to each of us.

During our youth, at least for those in America, we are put into educational environments. Our time is what others – the grownups – tell us it should be. We spend our days in desks, taking notes and training our short-term memory. The time we do have to ourselves is small. Most of us fill it with hobbies or sports.

As a kid, I spent my free-time writing. The hobby grew into an impressive skill. I pursued it full-heartedly, and soon, I found myself applying for further education that allowed me to write all day, every day. Had I spent my free time playing soccer or practicing Algebra and not building a personal brand – I would probably have gone to a typical, four-year university. My life would be completely different.

How you spend your time, matters. What you do in your free time as a young kid will transfer into your full-time life as an adult. We choose to be who we are. We may not control the circumstances, but we do control the choices we make within those circumstances.

I write this article because I love dissecting life. I love looking at who I am as a person, how I have gotten where I am, and reflecting on the choices I have made to get to this point. Self-reflection is the best way to teach yourself into a better future. If I didn’t explore my past, then I would waste time today and tomorrow on things I know don’t work.

I have made a conscious decision to step away from the clock. I spend my time giving 100% to the tasks I choose. I eliminate days, weeks, months and years and replace them with action. My plans and goals aren’t an outline – they are an objective, and objectives can only be achieved through doing.

But how do you do when you are too busy, too stressed, too…everything?

Time and how you take care of yourself are a package deal. If you want more time to run in the morning, then you must make that time. Sometimes, it is a process of elimination. Drive away negative forces that only cause frustration and pain to make more room for your overall happiness. A happy person makes for more time for action.

If you feel bogged down by life and the time passing you by, then you will never be able to seize the moment. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: What do I want my life to look like? If the answer is different from what you have – and it usually is – then how can you spend your time better to create the life you want?

Don’t be afraid of change. If you fear to switch things up, don’t. When you make room for happiness, it is a positive change that will allow you time to explore your beliefs and your future. Change is an opportunity, not a cage. Don’t feel like you must be confined by what life presents you. Make choices that reflect self-care, positivity, and well-being.

Your life is what you make of your time. If there is something you want, then you must make room for it in your life and your schedule.

Don’t be so busy that you can’t breathe, and if you are drowning in work, make sure it’s work you believe in. At some point – sooner rather than later – you must analyze yourself and your actions. When you do, wouldn’t you rather be proud than distressed?

Make an effort. Take action and spend your time wisely. These are things you have heard before. That’s because they are solid and true. You choose the life you live, no matter what life hands you. So, if you have made it this far into this article, I want you to ask yourself, What could I do today that would be a better use of my time?

Start small. There is no need to throw yourself into the riptide. Change one thing, every day, and within a month, you will feel, if not see, the difference.

This isn’t someone spouting BS, either. This is coming from me, someone who deals with a heavy workload and terrible anxiety. I allowed myself to, essentially, be life’s bitch. I didn’t take control until I was gasping for air. Learn from my mistakes and take control of your time and how you spend it, now. It will change your whole world, for the better.


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