How to Launch Your Website + Blog

This course will teach you all the required skills needed when designing and developing a live WordPress website. 

Who is it for?

First of all – hey, I’m Jinapher, your instructor. I will be laying down your foundation for a better future as a freelancer + writer. How? Having a personal website and blog are pretty much the basic requirements for creating your personal brand, gaining a readership, and – honestly – loving life.

Having a blog is a simple way to make some money. Some professionals have even made it their full-time career. And guess what? Building a website and blog IS NOT HARD! Not with my course in your hands.

What Makes Me Qualified to Teach you?

Jinapher Hoffman

Digital Content Extraordinaire

I built my first website at 13. Since then, I have spent the last 8 years nurturing my web development skills. My website, however, is only a side-hustle for me. My main job consists of branding + marketing for various clients, as well as editing + writing novels for business professionals across the country. 

I gear this course toward storytellers, because that’s where my heart lies. Having published a novel and multiple short fiction pieces of my own original work, as well as having operated my blog for 8 years, I understand the struggles the modern writer faces – and I have found solutions.

Never Expires

When you purchase my course, you’re purchasing it for life. I understand how busy life can be, so I wanted to be sure you would always have access to these valuable lessons.

Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials

I’m very much a visual learner. Plus, website development is an extremely visual art. That’s why I made sure every lesson was screen recorded and broken down in a way that someone who has never touched WordPress before can understand.

Know Exactly What You're Getting:

I absolutely cannot stand when courses promise you all these things, and so you have big expectations. However, you get into the course, after spending your hard-earned money, and it’s nothing like you thought it would be. That’s why I’m giving you the full course catalog, RIGHT NOW.

Module 1 - Setting Up Your Website Hosting With GoDaddy

This module will go into creating your WordPress account, buying your domain name, and - in a gist - setting the foundation you need to be able o build your website.

Module 2 - Everything WordPress

This module will go into depth on each area of your WordPress Dashboard, as well as which template + plugins I recommend for building your site.

Module 3 - Building with Elementor

This module will dive into our primary website building plugin. I will show you how to create a new page, navigate Elementor's helpful tools, and we will build your home page!

Module 4 - Website Build

After your home page is in place, I will give you examples of some other pages you may want to add to your site. This is also the module where I will show you how to build your Blog page. When you finish his module, your website will be ready to share!