How to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy This Spring

Spring has sprung! It's time to re-evaluate your social media marketing strategies for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Woohoo! Spring has sprung!

Though your excitement may be faltering if you know – just like I do – that big social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are heading into second quarter updates for 2019.

Today, we are going to look at the biggest changes in social media marketing that you need to refresh your strategy with / be prepared for this Spring.

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After a long browse for major Pinterest updates, content marketers everywhere will be relieved to know that there really aren’t any.

What remains a top priority is understanding how to rank better on Pinterest, as well as how to properly optimize pins. You can learn about both here.

Writers and bloggers should be using Pinterest to market their content. It’s no secret that this platform is a prime referrer for several writers, including myself.

With 250 million users on the platform every month, you would be silly to not take advantage of their audience.

Want to get into the Pinterest game? Start here.

After you have developed a manual pinning strategy, you should consider investing in Tailwind. You can get familiar with their optimal auto scheduler through my recent Tailwind Series:

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As a writer, I have found Twitter to be a fantastic social media platform to be highly engaged on.

Just by following the #WritingCommunity’s posts, I have been able to create some amazing follower relationships.

Anytime I need a piece edited, or I need help deciding on a blog post topic, I go to Twitter.

All that being said, some writers really struggle to grow their Twitter profiles.

Fortunately, Twitter has been making constant changes to improve the network’s performance and make connecting with other users easier.

One of the best ones for writers is not having images, GIFs, and videos affect your character limit. You can now fit more into your tweet without sacrificing a promotional media attachment.

I highly suggest keeping Twitter’s blog on your radar and possibly subscribing to it to stay in the know. They often report on the following:

Female, Black and Latinx members of the Twitter community will be happy to know that Twitter’s recent initiative to grow their communities on the platform was a success.

This is important to note for writers looking to write toward these niches. Prior to Twitter’s diversity initiative, social media strategies geared toward these audiences were lackluster due to their poor representation on Twitter.

When refreshing your Twitter strategy, you should consider how to appeal to your audience as a unique, diverse voice.

Twitter has made it clear they are making “diverse voices” a key characteristic of the platform. Posting the same, generic content your used to on, say, Facebook just won’t cut it.

Twitter’s VP of Product Keith Coleman also came forward during the January 2019 CES event to say that ‘conversation health’ is Twitter’s greatest priority.

As someone who actively uses the platform, I can attest to the difficulty of keeping track of Twitter comment threads. It makes it dificult to craft campaign-type tweets, because there is no real way of following your audience’s breadcrumbs.

This has made crafting a marketable audience’s journey on Twitter, at the very least, troubling. However, with their latest rounds of beta testing, you may want to consider working on more interactive audience campaigns for your writing.

[Conversation] Health is our number one priority, hands down. We know that to serve our company’s purpose, we need that conversation to be healthy.

Keith Coleman, Twitter’s VP of Product

It may be worthwhile to consider incorporating tweets in your Twitter strategy that require the audience to actively engage/respond. This will ultimately set your account up for future success, when and if Twitter rolls out any of the new beta features – such as location updates.

I also suggest marketers check out this post from Hootsuite. They relate 28 Twitter Statistics that can be invaluable to your Spring marketing strategy.

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Oh, Instagram, how you slay us with your constant algorithm changes!

If you are an avid Instagram user, then you are probably mentally exhausted from trying to keep up with their development team.

I know I am.

However, I really shouldn’t complain, considering every change is geared toward making the platform better.

This month, Instagram has released a beta for people to be able to purchase products straight from the app – meaning there will no longer be an external landing page needed.

This opens the doors for many entrepreneurs to incorporate a prime sales strategy into their Instagram marketing.

Personally, this feature excites me for myself and fellow authors who wish to sell more book copies.

Being able to allow users to buy my eBook straight from my profile will be a life changer.

As any digital content guru knows – the less clicks, the better!

An even more exciting feature is the ability to share Instagram Stories. In this post, I talked about how you can use Instagram Stories to promote your written content – whether that be a short story, chapter excerpt, or blog post.

With the “Share Story” feature, you can now share whatever written work you post directly to your other social networks to drive more traffic.

Instagram has also rolled out an easier way to purchase your Instagram Story Ads through the Instagram App, itself.

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With 500 million daily users on Instagram, it has never been more critical to get friendly with their algorithm.

Instagram’s algorithm is incredibly smart, and it only puts the best posts in front of others’ eyes.

The only way to get success on this overly-saturated platform is to (a) develop completely unique content and (b) be incredibly engaged.

Schemes like Follow and Unfollow or Power Likes are leading to entire accounts being shut down. Instagram is putting an emphasis on organic growth, while actual users scream, “How?!”

With so many active users, and Instagram’s algorithm seeming to be a little too picky, it’s time to majorly think outside of the box for your Instagram strategy.

As much as I hate to recommend paid growth before organic growth, with Instagram’s emphasis on paid ad sponsorships and ads being relatively low cost, there’s no better time than now to buy ad space.

You may want to look into how much you can invest in some A/B ad posting this Spring.

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The biggest update to Facebook in 2019 has been to their algorithm.

Facebook has geared the platform to be more about ‘personal connections’, rearranging the Home Feed to feature posts from friends, family and groups far before brands.

This makes it inevitably harder to get your written content in front of your target audience.

Just like with Instagram – and seeing as both platforms are owned by the same people – its evident a PPC strategy may be your best hope for keeping your content relevant on the Home Feed.

In the coming weeks, I will be writing up a post on creating a PPC strategy for Facebook and Instagram.

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Something I do want to highlight is the fact that Facebook Groups were part of that short list of Home Feed priorities. As a writer, I have made it a point to join several blog and fiction writing Facebook Groups.

Posting to them regularly not only gets my content in front of new eyes, but it also helps get my content a prime spot on someone’s Home Feed.

Facebook has 1.5 billion daily users. You will need to get creative with how you’re delivering your content for it to still resonate with a large audience.

Better yet, you may want to consider adding a Facebook Group to your Facebook Page and enticing people to join it for some type of exclusive content.

This will ensure that even if someone never sees your posts from your business page, they will still see your name popping up on their Home Feed.

For example, I offer an exclusive Facebook Group for my blog subscribers, where they can collobarate on their stories and share their social media profiles.

Meanwhile, on my regular business page, I simply post about what’s already on my blog, as well as any trending opics I relate to.

You can check out my Facebook Page here.

Doing Some Spring Cleaning of Your Profiles

After you evaluate each of your social media strategies, you may want to consider doing some overall Spring cleaning of your accounts.

This includes going through and re-optimizing your profiles with fresh keywords.

Keeping an eye on your analytics is always a good idea, too. I like to check mine quarterly and monthly. Looking at them from a quarter’s viewpoint, I can really see where my social media strategies fell short.

On the other hand, looking at my data monthly allows me to fine-tune what’s working well.

All of the platforms I mentioned today have their own best practices for optimization. I’ve currently blogged only about optimizing your Pinterest profile (and wrote this comprehensive guide about it).

Let me know in the comments if you have a different social network you need optimization tips on!


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