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what you'll learn

masterclass goals

best practices

Understand social media best practices for Linked In, Twitter and Instagram and how to use them to your advantage.

consistent branding

Build the structure for a personal brand that will elevate your content portfolio and provide consistency long-term.

digital storytelling

Learn the best techniques for telling stories across social media platforms, as well as how to implement storytelling into your sales funnel.

social media optimization

Properly optimize your posts and profiles with keyword research and analytics. Plus, learn how to navigate complex social media algorithms.

about your course instructor

i'm jinapher hoffman, your digital content expert

With 6+ years working in digital content, I have a strong passion for aiding writers in digital success. For years, I have been excessively hands-on with the writing, publishing and marketing processes of several novels, helping writers make their mark on global markets like Amazon. I strive to use my expertise on social media, publishing, and content marketing to provide writers with the necessary skills they need to succeed in their professional careers.

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This course is designed for writers, bloggers and authors looking to grow their social media presence through the art of digital storytelling. This concept mashes together the success of visual media with the personal connection of storytelling. The course starts with the basics and moves into advanced skills, such as optimization, navigating algorithms and developing a digital campaign. Whether you are brand new to social media or somewhat advanced, this course can help elevate your presence!


what students are saying...

As an inspiring author, I was very skeptical of investing in a course like this but knew I needed something to kickstart my social media presence. Completing it, I feel a newfound confidence in my social media skills and understand how to combine my wordsmith skills with what works on a social media level.
Verified Student
I've been blogging for about three years, and though I have dabbled in social media, I haven't seen a lot of results. This course helped me see what I was doing wrong and actually create a social media strategy for myself. There were some areas I was confused on, but Jinapher was quick answering my questions!
Verified Student
I left this course surprised, to say the least. I wasn't sure if it was really for me, considering I have very little social media experience. However, Jinapher's lessons were easy to comprehend and made the complexities of social media seem so simple. I'm really happy to have purchased this course.
Verified Student

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