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Outside of writing, I have a passion for stylish threads. When I began to take pile after pile to resale shops and came back with designer items they wouldn't take, I knew there had to be a better way to pass on my beloved threads and maybe make a penny or two to go toward traveling. That's why I created my Depop shop - to provide you with gently worn, thrifted greatness and an opportunity to create stories.

The pieces I sell are curated from around the globe. Everywhere I travel, I try to visit at least one thrift store and pick up one new piece - just for you. If you buy a piece, be sure to share yourself all dressed up on Instagram with #TheJinapherThreads to be featured.

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Beautiful Maine

My boyfriend and I road tripped through New England. We took my Chevy Sonic north, hitting Philly, Providence, Boston, Hartford, and we didn't stop till we hit Portland, Maine. Out of all the places we went on this trip, my favorite was Portland. It was the most enjoyable experience - camping out the back of my car, mac and cheese for breakfast, lobster rolls for lunch,  holy donuts, and amazing thrift shops on every corner. Portland had a little bit of everything, which I loved, yet it wasn't overwhelming in any way.

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An Afternoon in St. Louis

Since I was four or five, I had not stepped foot inside the state I was born. Virtually, I knew nothing of the place my parents met in, fell in love. A lot of my dad’s side of the family lives in Illinois - and if it weren’t for their family reunion, I wouldn’t have seen the arch, the city, or the deserted streets of St. Louis, MO.
I visited the city on a whim. It hadn’t been in any original plans, but having already said goodbye to family and with some extra time on our hands, my sister and I saw no reason to not check out the place we left behind long ago.

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A First Timer’s Visit to Nashville

I admit, rolling into Nashville, I didn't expect what I found.

In my head, I always pictured the most country of towns. I pictured it small, zero art but plenty of bars.

To my surprise, it was much more than that. The drive into the city was beautiful - mountains and hills - and we (my sister and I) hit up the Parthenon first. Again, I expected not much. I expected a little monument, a little park. I never would've guessed how expansive it actually was.

Walking up the dirt trail through summer heat, we stood before the Parthenon. Massive, there's no other word to describe it. It was a picturesque representation of the Gods, with it's humungous columns and chiseled art. We didn't go inside due to lack of time, but we walked around the outside of it, climbing the impressive steps and looking out on the rest of the park.

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Small County Exploration // pt. 2

Welcome back to the second week of my small county explorations. If you didn't read last week's post, you can do so here. After spending the majority of my time in Mobile last week, I thought it would be a good idea to switch it up and take on Fairhope.

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Small County Exploration // pt. 1

This past week marks the first week back in my hometown after two years of living in Orlando, FL. It's weird to be back in Baldwin County, an area encompassing Spanish Fort, Fairhope, Daphne, and Mobile, Alabama - places I frequented for ten years of my youth.

After living in Orlando and watching construction constantly changing the landscape, it was strange to come back to the area and see it virtually the same. If anything, instead of adding new shops, my local mall has lost staple shops, such as Charlotte Russe, Express, and Shades - shops I frequented when I was younger. Retail shops such as those have a hard time thriving in small towns like Spanish Fort, AL, purely because the mindset of the community is particular.

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A Rainy Day In Miami

Around midnight on June 6th, my friends and I set off on a mini road trip to Miami. It was the only place in Florida with an OK forecast, and so that's where we went. Turned out, however, the Weather App failed us.

We sat on the beach for maybe twenty minutes at around 6 am, and it sprinkled. We looked to our right, and the buildings - clear a moment before - were shrouded in a sheet of pouring down rain.

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Travel Entry #4 – Standing at the Edge of a Wonder

In Spring of 2017, my friends and I embarked on a cross country road trip -- Florida to California -- and our last stop was the Grand Canyon.

Around 3 or 4 in the morning, our mini van rolled at 5 mph on black ice and in the dark, hazy snow past the Grand Canyon's park entrance. We crept slowly past quiet, Christmas lit log cabins and down around the bend to one of the parking zones.

We parked and most of us slept until the first rays of sunlight poked through our windshield. Outside, little snow flakes fell from the sky, and as the sun warmed the ground, shallow pockets of snow melted into mush. We climbed out of the van, doubling our layers and pulling down on our beanies.

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