**COMING SOON:** Self-Care for People Too Busy to Care


This ebook is a compilation of every tip, hack, and piece of advice I can offer to someone who – like me – just can’t seem to get their shit together, most times. Within it, I will address goal setting, life blockers, creating sustainable routines, and steps you can execute right now.

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I couldn’t do it anymore. Life. It was too much. I could feel my heart slowing with every activity. Everything in my life was work, work, work.

Then, something changed. Like a flick of a switch, my mindset shifted from being stuck within a pattern of work to having an opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I’d always loved to teach, but I couldn’t see myself in a classroom. Since 2013, I’d given advice and told stories on my blog. I was born a storyteller. I always thought I would make it in life through Fiction, but my new job as a Publishing Editor presented a different life path through the words of CEOs and passionate entrepreneurs.

I was busy all the time; I still am. Only, now, I have priorities, and I take the lessons I write about for every business nonfiction book that falls into my lap and I use them. Make them my own.

Self-Care for People Too Busy to Care will teach you the ropes from what I have learned and implemented in my life. This is a book for people who don’t have time to read a book but need to make time for it. Start making time for a better you, today, with this book. I’ll go as far as say you might even accomplish a goal or two.


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