**COMING SOON:** Flash Fiction In a Flash eCourse


For the modern writer with an entrepreneur mindset, this eCourse will teach you the ropes of Fiction’s revolutionary writing platform: flash fiction, AKA the very short story.

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Do you love to write? Do you see yourself making a career out of your writing?

The foundation of every story is a scene – a moment in which characters, plot, and conflict interact. Commonly used as a device to train screenwriters, flash fiction is the art form and essence of these little moments that mean bigger things.

Any writer looking to be a professional should have the knowledge of flash fiction on their tool belt. If you can master flash fiction, then you will not only be able to hone your stories to feel like real-life experiences (no matter how fictional) but you will also open a new door. Online magazines and editorials across the world are searching for these very short stories. It is a craft that some writers have made an entire career out of.

In 2015, I won the Best Of Flash Fiction Award at my university, and since then, I have published 12 pieces of short fiction with established literary magazines. Now, I have taken my technique and compacted it into this eCourse. Why? Because I believe this is an unexplored market – one with great potential. We live in a face-paced world, and people are having less patience for longer works. Flash fiction is not only revolutionary in the writing community but aa step toward modernism and attracting a new generation of readers.

This eCourse is set to launch in December of 2018. It will be a 10 to 15 video and presentation based course. The price listed may vary.


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