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My Strategy For Looping My Best Pins at the Best Times

Use this pinning strategy in conjunction with Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature to maximize pin exposure.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means you may click on something, and I may get a small comission. However, this is at NO extra cost to you. In fact, it’s a win-win situation in that you more than likely get a discount, and I get to blog next month! Scroll to keep reading (:

why you need a looping strategy

If you have been in the Pinterest game for a bit, then you know that to keep your pins relevant, you need to have them continuously publishing to Pinterest.

Now, at first, I was going to write this post and just say to get Tailwind and use their SmartLoop feature. However, after reading up on the topic of looping pins, I found two things:

  • Yes, you should still use Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature, BUT…
  • You need to have a strategy put in place to evaluate your SmartLoop pins bi-weekly.

Why? Well, Pinterest favors fresh pins, and if you’re always looping the same few pins to the same few boards, then Pinterest will just see it as spam.

Personally, I found this strange, considering Tailwind is a Pinterest partner and collaborated with Pinterest when creating the SmartLoop feature. It doesn’t really make sense why they would release this new, awesome looping feature if it actually does a detriment to your overall pin performance.

Even so – Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature remains the best way to successfully loop pins. You just need to do some bi-weekly maintenance.

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Step 01. Have Various Pins of the Same Link on Hand

Before your bi-weekly check-in, you need to be sure you’ve created a handful of pins that all relate back to your original link.

As I mentioned before, Pinterest favors fresh content. That means you need to be updating the pins you loop every other week with fresh ones.

I would say you should do this weekly, but I think doing so bi-weekly is about the perfect amount of time to let your pin play out across all your boards and group boards before switching it out.

You’re probably wondering, “If I change my pins up every other week, then how do I ever get my URL to go viral on Pinterest?” That’s a great question – and I’m not sure my answer is even the best answer to it.

However, after some research, I noted that as long as you are creating viral-worthy pins, two weeks should be enough time to give your pin traction. So, even though you’ll be taking it out of your SmartLoop, it should continue to get repinned by everyone who follows the original repinners.

I feel like that was confusing. Let me break it down a little more in this infographic:

Better? I think so. A visual aid is always a good idea for convoluted concepts like this. As you can see, switching out your pin bi-weekly, theoretically, shouldn’t keep you from going viral. I will personally be putting this part of the strategy into use this month (March 2019), and I will report back in April to let you know how it’s going.

If you decide to test this, then please be sure to review it in the comments below. I have also given this blog post over to Tailwind for them to review/possibly promote. Perhaps they can share some insight on this matter!

Step 02. Keep a Document of Researched Keywords to Use InterChangably in Pin Descriptions

When you first create a pin description, you need to optimize it. This involves adding some keywords to do with your pin’s topic.

You can insert these keywords just within your description, or you can even use them as hashtags. I recommend the latter.

Pinterest is really trying to get people to use hashtags. So, by doing so, Pinterest will favor your pin over those who haven’t utilized hashtags.

Now, I say to keep a document for two key reasons:

      1. You likely write/blog about the same topic often, meaning you can recycle keywords. Instead of trying to find keywords every time you pin, you can just reference this document.
      2. When you go to switch out your pins bi-weekly, you will want to accompany the new pin with a new description and new keywords.
        I’ll probably say this a thousand times before the end of this article, but it really is so important: Pinterest is favoring fresh content! You would be wasting your time creating new pins bi-weekly if you just paste in the exact same description and title.

Change up your description, even use new keywords, to tell Pinterest (as much as you can without switching the URL) that your pin is fresh content.

Keeping a document of keywords is simply SEO best practice for Pinterest. I do recommend, at the end of every month, you go back through your document and make sure your keywords are relevant, as well as add new ones that may have popped up during the month.

Using different keywords will also help your pin go viral in different areas of Pinterest. This allows you to reach new accounts, possibly get new followers, and to increase your clicks.

Step 03: Switch Up the Boards Your Pin Is Going To

To keep yourself from being marked as spam, it is vital that you aren’t constantly looping to the exact same boards.

When I first started using SmartLoop, my Pinterest account suffered because I was unintentionally spamming my boards with the same pins.

Updating your pins bi-weekly certainly helps this situation, but you do want to try and get your pin in front of new eyes. That’s where switching the boards comes in.

SmartLoop does allow you to set boards for an entire loop. However, I don’t recommend this. Though it’s super helpful if you pin on the same topic every time you pin, it won’t get your pin in front of relevant eyes if you like to switch up your blog topics.

For example, I typically blog about author marketing. This month, I switched things up to put a focus on my Tailwind Series. Though it technically still relates back to author marketing, Tailwind and using the service can relate back to larger, more general niches.

If I were to put my popular pins in a SmartLoop and set the boards to my author marketing group boards, then yes it would still be seen but I’d be missing a prime opportunity to (a) join some new group boards relevant to blogging and (b) get my pin in front of brand new eyes.

It’s also a good idea to have each pin in your SmartLoop posting to different boards. This will help you avoid spamming any one board, and it will also give you the ability to measure which boards or group boards outperform others.

If you are someone who literally blogs pretty much about the same thing every week, then you may be better off never touching your boards. However, I do still recommend you consistently try to find new boards to add to your profile or new group boards to join, as well as add those boards to your SmartLoop.

You cannot expect to go viral on Pinterest without doing some A/B testing. Technically, that’s all this entire pinning strategy is about: seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Is SmartLoop For Me?

SmartLoop – to be clear – is for any blogger or writer looking to get their best pins on an optimized, consistent loop across Pinterest.

Whether you are promoting your book, your short stories, or your blog posts, you can use the SmartLoop strategy I just outlined to your benefit.

If you haven’t been following my Tailwind Series, or you don’t even know what Tailwind is, then I recommend you start with my first post: My Pinterest Marketing Secret Weapon For Massive Traffic Growth.

You can get your FREE TRIAL of Tailwind by CLICKING HERE.

If you have been following my Tailwind Series, then congrats! You have reached the end (for now). It has been so fun diving into everything Tailwind can offer for you guys, and I’m really looking forward to getting into my next series of posts.

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