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My Pinterest Marketing Secret Weapon For Massive Traffic Growth

Learn how I grew my Pinterest account from 0 to over 500k monthly viewers in only two short months with this secret weapon.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means you may click on something, and I may get a small comission. However, this is at NO extra cost to you. In fact, it’s a win-win situation in that you more than likely get a discount, and I get to blog next month! Scroll to keep reading (:


starting with nothing

Growing my blog was never easier than when I invested time into a Pinterest strategy.

For six years, I manipulated my content, social media strategies, and branding – all with the hope that I would somehow get readers.

I read blog report after blog report about these bloggers that really weren’t doing anything that different from myself (except using tools like this), but who were able to do their blog full-time and never worry about their income.

Still, I have yet to make any money from my blog. However, money comes from traffic. That’s a well-known fact. If people aren’t reading your content, you can’t expect to sell anything.

Fill out your details + recieve a FREE resource sheet of the 15 Tailwind Tribes that

Every blog report I read went on and on about how great Pinterest was for boosting their blog traffic. I’d had a Pinterest account since I was 13, but it was nothing more than something to look at clothes on or inspire my next apartment re-vamp. It never occurred to me that I could use Pinterest as a legitimate traffic source.

So, I buckled down, read about Pinterest marketing, and I began to make my first real moves on the platform.

My results?

As I’m writing this article, I sit at 564k monthly viewers, and I grow about 10k per day. For the first time EVER my blog has surpassed 1k views and 600+ readers. Pinterest also helped me grow my email list (which sat at zero) to 66 subscribers.

Maybe these aren’t “crazy” numbers, but they sure as heck are better than nothing, which is what my blog had been until I began using Pinterest in combination with my secret weapon: Tailwind.

The thing about Pinterest is it’s more of a glorified search engine than a social media network. Think about it. Why do you get on Pinterest? Is it to chat with Sally Sue or see how she’s doing? No. It’s to get that Oreo cheesecake recipe, that 30-day fitness plan, or to look at pretty houses and funny memes.

People use Pinterest to search. That means, just like Google, you need to do a number of things to show up in someone’s top search results.

Over the course of the next week, I will be posting on Pinterest optimization + growing your Pinterest profile. While I do so, I will also be testing my personal Pinterest strategies and relaying my progress.

Together, I’m hoping I can finally make that first affiliate sale I’m craving, and you can learn something new about Pinterest.

As I know my primary audience is writers, I’d just like to do a quick interjection here. These Pinterest posts can be used as an author resource. I cannot stress enough how valuable Pinterest can be for growing your reader following and author platform.

These are my personal results, but Tailwind does publish the Typical Growth in Repins and Followers of everyone who uses their tool if you’re curious.

Now, let’s jump into the secret weapon to my success with Pinterest thus far: Tailwind.

Tailwind is an automated scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram (although I will purely be touching on the Pinterest side of this tool).

It’s basically the best tool for scheduling out pins you want to post well in advance of actually posting them.

For example, at the beginning of every week, I schedule 600 pins with Tailwind. That allows me to post 60 pins/day without having to worry about consistently pinning the rest of the week.

The pins I schedule are a mix between ones I find through Pinterest Search, my Pinterest Smart Feed (home page), my Pinterest Following page, and pins I’ve created for my own posts. Out of the 1,800 pins I post a month, I aim to make at least 30% of the pins I have created for my own content.

With the numbers out of the way, you may be wondering, “So, why Tailwind? What does it really do?”

To put most simply, it frees up time for me to create my own pins, so I can reach that 30% goal. However, Tailwind is also instrumental in making sure my pins go out in a consistent manner during the times my followers are most active.

Tailwind is smart. Its scheduler, when you go to build it out, will select the best times to display your pins based on your profile’s activity.

That’s something that has really propelled my Pinterest growth. Yes, I could just post 60 pins/day manually. However, I’d be more than likely not posting at the right times for my audience, and I’d never post any original content.

It’s super easy.

First, on your Tailwind dashboard, click “Publisher”. Then, select “Your Schedule”. It should display a page like this:

As you can see, I have a few different schedules going on. I have my general queue, as well as my SmartLoop queues.

For your general queue, you want to “Generate Schedule” or, if there is already a schedule there, “Regenerate Schedule”.

A box will pop up asking you how many times a day you want to post. This comes down to your niche and how much content is available for your use. If you are in a smaller niche, you probably only want to opt for around 25 to 30 timeslots.

However, if you are in a larger niche, such as blogging, you can post as many times as 60. The key is to post diverse content and to stray from posting the same pins over and over again. That’s called spam, and it will affect your search rank on Pinterest negatively.

After you select the number of times you want to post in a day, you simply click “Create Schedule” or “Recreate schedule”. Tailwind will generate new optimized time slots within your schedule and apply them to pre-existing pins in your queue, as well as future pins you schedule.

The best way to find pins to schedule is to block out about an hour/day to get on Pinterest and using the Tailwind plug-in, searching and scheduling several pins at once.

But don’t just post everything you see!

Schedule pins that fit your aesthetic (brand), your niche, and will deliver value. Never schedule pins missing a description (unless you are going to add one) or missing a URL (don’t add yours unless it’s your content).

You can also schedule pins to Tailwind via the Pinterest app on your phone. I will say its more time consuming because you can’t schedule multiple pins at once. However, whenever I’m bored and just on Pinterest to be on Pinterest, I will schedule (rather than save) the pins I read and like.

That being said, it’s still important to manually pin to your profile!

While you certainly don’t need to manually pin 60 pins/day, I do recommend pinning 5 to 10 pins yourself. That’s as simple as scrolling through your Pinterest Smart Feed and saving a couple of pins here and there while waiting in line at the grocery store.

If you plan on uploading your own content to Pinterest, just be sure to design pin-worthy pins. I do so using Canva, and as soon as I finish designing a pin, I’ll upload it as a draft to Tailwind. Then, when I have time, I will go in an optimize my pin descriptions, add the correct URLs, and schedule them!

For more information on Tailwind, click here.


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