Who I Am

 I am a 20 year-old writer, working as a part-time social media coordinator and part-time freelance writer and copyeditor. Though I currently reside in Mobile, AL, I'm actively seeking new adventures. I began blogging in the summer of 2013, and I haven't stopped since, developing my website as I go. My greatest interests are short stories, travel, and photography. I love to explore and meet new people, and I work remotely to maintain this passion.

My Primary Objective

 My goal is to collaborate with companies and individuals wanting to support the greater good and beauty of our world, while traveling, photographing, and writing about my experiences. I aim to live a happy, creative life and to share my ups, downs, and advice on my blog with individuals wanting to do the same.

Collaborate With Me

 If you're interested in partnering up with me, feel free to send me an email at jinapher.author@gmail.com. Please be sure to include the word "partnership" in your subject line. There is no limit to collaboration opportunities, in my opinion.Whether you'd like to write together, photograph together, travel together, grab a bite to eat and brainstorm, whatever - definitely reach out. I am always up for adding to my network of creative minds.

A Gist of My Experience

 I've acquired jobs in social media, copywriting, copyediting, and ghostwriting - as well as published 8 original publications, 1 of novel length and 7 of short fiction length. I've also worked with and have great knowledge in script writing for games, films, TV, and comics. On top of that, I have experience with writing content for the US, AUS, and UK.