How to Navigate 2019 As A Newbie Writer

Will 2019 be the year you finally put your work out there? Read this post before you do!

Being a writer used to be one funnel – sit down at your desk, type out your manuscript, find someone to publish it.

While this one funnel still very much exists, it has expanded.

Writers aren’t asked to only be great writers. Not anymore. We are expected to be faces of influence on social media, someone who is really putting themselves and their work out there. Gone are the days of keeping to ourselves – not if we want to see our writings succeed in 2019.

In this post, I’m going to go through a few different tools I feel, as a writer, you should leverage in the new year.

These will not be tools/methods that will cost a crap ton of money. No – these can be accomplished with nothing more but hard work and adventure.

Let’s get into them.

Start a blog.

OK – I know this is possibly the most obvious thing ever, and you may be thinking blogs are kind of overrated.

However, I’m not really presenting this idea to you as a way to get more readers (though it certainly can be).

As a writer, having my blog is like having an extension of myself, something I can work on when my brain is fried on everything else. I have found my blog to pull me out of more than one dark spot of writer’s block.

Having a blog is a great way, in my opinion, for any newbie writer (or even pro) to escape from the pressure of their other work. It exercises your writing muscle without working on the thing that’s driving you nuts.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I started my blog in 2013. I’d written books for a few years, and I needed a change of pace, a way to build myself up as a brand.

To this day, I struggle with marketing myself properly, despite having the plethora of knowledge I do on marketing and branding.

I found my blog to be more of an escape than anything else. For me, I wanted to write about what I knew rather than necessarily crafting something fresh (like I did for my books).

Yes, I still write fiction; you can read some here. But my blog is a way to help others, as well as help myself.

Being a newbie writer, I recommend at least thinking about what you would blog about if you had a blog. You might be surprised at how excited getting out of your comfort zone may be.

Blogging is a while separate beast from fiction or poetry. It will take time and training to learn the business.

For me, I found it was well worth it.

Explore new forms of digital content creation.

Part of being a great, modern-day storyteller is being able to adapt to the times. It’s no secret how influential online content is.

My suggestion? Learn as many forms as you can because the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Some examples of digital content include:

  • eBooks
  • Social Media Posts & Ads
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content/Copy

I have made it my personal prerogative to know about and be able to do all of these. Another important form of writing to learn is script writing. Why?

Voice Search. Podcasts. Video/Film. Visual writing should be on your resume.

I personally found that training in this one art form of writing, I have been able to master everything listed above.

Now, I am well-equipped to always have a job writing. Maybe it isn’t what I expected – but the rent gets paid.

Network with other creatives and try collaboration.

I know…As writers, we may not be the most conversational. So, why network?

If a writer gets a paid gig, and their boss just so happens to say, “Oh yeah, got anyone you could recommend for this other open position,” then you better hope your connected to them.

With the market being so over-saturated, having connections is the best possible solution to actually making it as a writer.

Write as many books as you want. Spend years querying agents.

Or join a group of writers, learn how they’ve had success, and grow your circle. So, when you’re ready to publish, you have a grapevine of individuals to offer support.

This is something that I, personally, am investing myself more into this year. I spent 2018 basically as a recluse. Not only did that take the fun out of life, but it made it harder to write.

Part of writing is having fresh inspiration, and how can you have fresh inspiration by never leaving your desk? You can’t.

Moving forward...

As a newbie writer, the most important thing to remember is to simply keep writing.

Yes, I do believe the three previous methods would help you out immensely in 2019. However, don’t let them overwhelm you.

As much as I love to write, I sometimes find it’s a bit of a chore – simply because I’ve made a career out of it. The end of the rainbow isn’t always a pot of gold, no matter how much you wish it to be.

That’s why it’s critical that as a newbie writer you just express yourself freely an embrace your voice.

Now is the perfect time to present yourself and your writing to the world in whatever format you deem appropriate.


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