Ghostwriting & Editorial Services Package

Package Overview

You are a leader. When you come up with ideas, they are wholeheartedly original and you can’t wait to share them with your desired audience. You have the idea of publishing a book, but you’ve no idea where to begin writing one.

As your reliable, efficient, and trustworthy ghostwriter, I am the guide you have been looking for to take all your phenomenal ideas and package them into readable, marketable material. Through interviews, drafts, and my expert editorial advice, you will walk away with a one-of-a-kind PDF to either query to agents and publishers or self-publish.

Sound like a journey worth taking? Then, this package is for you.

What does the cost cover?

  • Ghostwriting Services – a value of $3000
    • Unlimited drafts – meaning if you want something changed, we can change it without upping the price point
    • Full content write-up
  • Editorial Services – a value of $5000
    • Unlimited, one-on-one interviews to establish content direction
    • A comprehensive outline/road map of your story
    • Format & Design services
    • Full edit and proofread of your final draft
  • Total Package Value: $8000

What kind of timeline?

Typically, this process takes about a month to complete, if you – as the author – have open availability. The timeline, however, is extremely flexible. As an author, myself, I understand the importance of putting only your best work out there, and I will strive to provide you with the content you have dreamed of. I will work with you for as long as you need to get that finalized PDF into your hands.

Due to the high volume of interest on my freelance packages, I currently can only take on one new ghostwriting client a month. Book your appointment, now, to reserve your spot.