Freelance Services

As an experienced content strategist, publishing editor, and creative writer, business owners often seek me out for brand development, where we discover their story, their strategy for producing that story, and their next steps; for ghost writing, which involves producing a unique, marketable story based off one-on-one interviews, outlining, a writer’s draft, author’s draft and a finalized PDF; for editorial services, where I take previously produced content of theirs and redesign it to fit their individual tone, brand, and objectives – stylistically and grammatically; and general marketing strategy consulting, where we will take a look at what they have, what they don’t, and go through some educational coaching lessons on the different types of marketing strategies and which one(s) I believe will fit their brand and goals best.


Brand Development & Marketing Strategy Package

In search of a trusting partner who will care about the story that began it all? How about someone who will be loyal to your authenticity and your individuality as a thought leader in your industry?

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Ghostwriting & Editorial Services Package

Are you looking to form your phenomenal, unique ideas into readable, marketable material? With this package, you will walk away with a one-of-a-kind PDF to either query to agents and publishers or self-publish.

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Editorial Services & Marketing Strategy Consulting Package

You have the content, but it needs polishing. Plus, what next? Take your content to the next level, make it beautiful, worthwhile, and SEO friendly when you choose this package.

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Customize Your Package

Don’t worry – as a content creator, I understand the importance of personalizing your strategy and content. I also understand the need for help in multiple areas and not just in a couple here or there. That’s why I’ve provided you with an opportunity to create your own, customized package. Click the button to get started.

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