Brand Development & Marketing Strategy Package

In search of a trusting partner to build your brand story and marketing strategy who will care about the story that began it all and the sweat and tears it took to get to where you are today? How about someone who will be loyal to your authenticity and your individuality as a thought leader in your industry?

Brand Development – Overview

Whether you are a large, small or personal business, branding is essential for attracting and retaining your niche audience. I know this, which is why I’m making it my personal prerogative to help you build one. Maybe you already have a brand you aren’t happy with. Maybe you barely even have the bare bones of a brand. Either way, I can help you achieve your desired brand. How? The key to a successful brand is storytelling.

Through a series of calls and strategic meetings, we will dive into the core values of your business, the culture you wish to project to potential clients, and – most importantly – the story behind it all. From these discussions, I will develop unique content for you to use wherever you see fit or designate. You do not need to have email campaigns, social platforms or a website built out to build your brand. In fact, it’s better if you don’t! And if you do, don’t worry – we can sculpt and mold what you have (or scrap it completely) to formulate a brand you are passionate and happy about.

What’s Included?

  • Unlimited, one-on-one calls to establish brand history, brand future, and your prospective audience
  • Logo Mock-ups & Finalized Logos
  • 3 Pages of website copy on up to 6 categories of your choice
  • 4 original articles for your blog and social media
  • 1 press release establishing your brand
  • Development of your services offered and/or products

Total Value of $10,000

Marketing Strategy – Overview

When you build a brand, the natural next step is to decide how you are going to utilize it. With the marketing package, you will receive a one-on-one session with me to discuss your goals for your business. Then, after doing extensive research on data and analytics in your specific niche, I will build you an outlined 1-year marketing plan that focuses on highlighting your business’s strengths and improving your business’s weaknesses.

What’s Included?

  • Up to 3, 1-hour brainstorming sessions with me to formulate your goals and dreams for your company
  • A “Niche Report” detailing your prospective audience, your selling points, and the best ways to reach your niche through supporting data
  • A 1-year marketing plan outline and calendar
  • A starter brand campaign outline and brief that will be a great basis for launching your marketing plan

Total Value of $5,000

Package Grand Total: $15,000

Due to the high volume of clients, I will only be able to work with a select few every couple of months. Book your call, now, to reserve your spot.