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From Published Author to Book Marketing Guru: My Upcoming eBook For Authors

Turns out – four years taught me a lot about author marketing. Now, I think it’s time I share my knowledge with you in a format larger than this blog.

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My Favorite Author Marketing Tools:




There are a lot of reasons why I settled on writing a book on author marketing, the biggest being waning to help.

There is a huge gap in the author world for a book on author marketing. Yes, there are some amazing books out there.

Like Writer Digest’s, Writer’s Market 2019: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published.

However, the modern writing era is on the rise (has been for a while, now), and too many authors are stuck in old marketing ways.

My book will cover the topics other marketing blogs are barely scratching the surface of:

The Jinapher's 8 Steps to Conquering Modern Author Marketing


Learn to accurately represent yourself from your author bio to your logo design and colors.

Building a Legitimate Author Platform

I will dive into securing book reviews, reaching out to proper media connections with a well-written press release, and how to skyrocket your social media presence.

Blogging As An

Execute better sales with promotional blog content while adding value to your audience's campaign journey.

Learning SEO + SMO As It Relates to Your Platform

I will teach you the most common (and most rewarding) SEO + SMO best practices. From generating successful cluster topics on your website to optimizing the hell out of your social media bios, you will know it all.

Creating Marketable

Which content converts best? This is the question I will address as we look at blog headlines, the power of guest posting, and easy-to-create opt-ins or lead magnets for your email list.

Connecting the Dots Between Reader + Sale

Explore the ideal author marketing sales funnel that will help you sell your novel or published works like a pro - including how to create marketing campaigns that work.

Getting to Know Paid Advertising

Nearly all of my book encompasses the best organic ways of growing your audience. However, there are some readers you just can't reach without that extra cash boost. I will outline the basics of paid advertising for authors and which opportunities will get you the most bang for your buck.

Automating Continual Management

Once you have learned everything from organic to paid marketing, it's time to teach yourself how to automate several of the processes. This will free up your time to focus on what you love: writing (without killing your marketing strategy).



By “game”, I’m referring to your marketing strategy – because, at the end of the day, it is a competition. I’m all for getting buddy-buddy with others in the writing community.

In fact, I highly encourage it.

Just keep your strategy goals in mind as you connect with others, your competitors, in your niche/genre.

My book puts an emphasis on making these connections. Networking is vital to your career as an author. I’m currently doing a ton of research to find the best author support groups and writing community shenanigans for your to join in on. Everything I find will be jotted down and hyperlinked within my book!

Think of my book as a personal guide to being more awesome at marketing. 

It’s a book made for authors looking to take their next steps. While I recommend you pick this book up before publication (so you can get a head start), everything in it is geared toward post book launch.

Some things, like your author website and brand, can be developed while you are still working on your book. There are definite benefits to utilizing some of the social media tips before publication.

However, I’m writing this book to be a means to an end – that end being sales. If you don’t have anything to sell (and keep in mind this can be something free), then you will have a great user journey mapped out with no end game.

My Favorite Author Marketing Tools:




As I am sure any returning readers have noticed, The Jinapher underwent a bit of a re-brand this past week.

My switch to ore vibrant colors was simply to adhere more to my personality and what I like.

The new logo design was to put a greater emphasis on creativity and author marketing.

With this brand update, it led me to re-design the book covr a few time before I settled on the final look.

I am absolutely in love with how it turned out! I would love to hear what you think about the book cover. So, be sure to let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hey,
    lately I have finished preparing my ultimate tutorial:

    +++ [Beginner’s Guide] How To Make A Website From Scratch +++

    I would really apprecaite your feedback, so I can improve my craft.


    If you know someone who may benefit from reading it, I would be really grateful for sharing a link.

    Much love from Poland!

    1. Hey Jan!
      It looks good to me (: Personally, I would love to see a bit more color throughout the page, but that’s just my personal preference (as you can probably tell by my entire website lol). Otherwise, I think you have something really great to share! If I were you, I would promote this through Pinterest. There is a huge following for “how to start a blog” or “how to build a website” on there.

      Check out this article if you’re interested in joining the Pinterest group board for The Jinapher community: 5 Mistakes Guaranteed to Fail Your Author Platform

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