About Me


My Story

I began my website and blog in 2013, sculpting and shaping my brand and content along the way. At heart, I am a born creative writer. I love to explore new worlds and stories, as well as teach others some of the toughest lessons in life through imaginative storytelling. As I continue to grow my brand, my mission is to put out great content I believe in that can help others and myself.

Live Beautifully.

Live Powerfully.

For as long as I can remember, I have been someone who struggled with self-care, confidence, stress, anxiety, and depression. I used to tell myself, "There's nothing I can do. This is just who I am." I allowed my emotions to fuel who I was, having little to no control - so it seemed - over my life. That is when I clung to a new, improved mission in life - to live beautifully and powerfully in every way possible.