About Me


My Story

I began my website and blog in 2013, sculpting and shaping my brand and content along the way. At heart, I am a born creative writer. I love to explore new worlds and stories, as well as teach others some of the toughest lessons in life through imaginative storytelling. As I continue to grow my brand, my mission is to put out great content I believe in that can help others and myself.

Though I have a soft spot for fiction writing, my career has taken me along for a ride into B2B culture and business nonfiction writing. My work has ranged from novels for big business CEOs to creating complex marketing campaigns for multiple clients in the healthcare industry. I take pride in my diverse portfolio, and I have a passion for project management and providing creative direction.

Being 21, I still have much to learn and more paths to move down. However, I plan on sharing it all with other storytellers, because it’s content I wish I have had as I have struggled to make a name for myself as a freelancer and young entrepreneur.

Storytelling in a modern world is a landscape ready to be explored by content creators.

I have been creating stories since I was a little girl, and I have poured my heart and soul into learning how I can use my gift of writing on every platform available. As a publishing editor, content strategist, and freelancer, I strive to bring creatives of today the information and techniques they need to make it. While my primary audience is writers, most of my content can be utilized for any creative storyteller – whether you are a fashion influencer, photographer, artist, etc. My mission is to bring you the content you need to make it as a storyteller and to tell you my story as I work to strengthen my freelance business.


Collaborations & Partnerships

I am currently open to collabs and partnerships with other storytellers and creative influencers. Please send your request to jinapher.author@gmail.com or feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram. As for freelancing services, please visit my services page, where I go into more detail on what I can offer you.