Jinapher J. Hoffman

Now more than ever, there’s a need to contemplate life and our surroundings, but there’s a decided lack of bloggers who present their own opinions that aren’t based on what’s trending. For years, I’ve rebuilt and rebuilt my blog, changing my niche around. I couldn’t find anything that I would stick to. I love too much. I love to travel, to shop, to read, to live, to teach. Realizing this, I decided to quit focusing so hard on being one thing, and instead be all that I am as a writer.

I completed my BFA in Creative Writing for the Entertainment Business in 2017 before moving back to my hometown to work with my mother at her small marketing firm, SixDegrees. I also landed a wonderful freelance position with a publishing company, Book In A Box. Most days, I spend my time writing about healthcare insurance and employee benefits in the morning and nonfiction business novels in the afternoon. Then, at night, or when I can steal away little moment, I work on my pride and joy: my fiction writing. Having published my first book in 2015 but my publisher go out of business, I took it upon myself to establish myself in short and experimental fiction. As of today, my name is upon 9 original publications, and I’ve copywritten and edited over 75 novels. Now, with a little more free time, I’ve made it a point to get my blog up and running, after being fairly MIA for a couple years.

Beyond Writing

As much as I do love to write, my curiosity has preceded me. I made it a point in the last few years to explore other areas of creativity, including photography and – more recently – videography. Having gone to a film school, the two hobbies fell into my lap. At first, I didn’t want to try them out. I wanted to stick to my writing and become better at what I already knew, but as time passed, I realized my passion for creating stories extended into the visual arena.

Both my photography and videography are inspired by my travels. Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of traveling the world (and often the universe). I love exploring different cultures and admiring the craftsmanship of older and modern cities. I’ve grown in photography significantly as I began to travel more after college, but my videography is something I am trying to get started in. I hope to bring both of my newfound talents to my blog content.

My goal for my blog is simple; I want to inspire you. I want to explore every facet in life and provide you with content that rivets you into thought and action. I want to report on freelance culture, beauty, literature, fashion, lifestyle, interior design, people and everything in between. I certainly think a lot, if not talk a lot, and I want to share my opinions and advice with you, hopeful that I will inspire you to look deeper at your own life.