3 Ways to Put the Fire Out on Negativity in Your Life

Why waste time being negative, when your happiest self is only three, free steps away? Let’s talk about promoting a happier, more positive lifestyle by (1) making time for goals, (2) understanding not to take things too personally and (3) practicing kindness to yourself and others. Read this blog post for more details.

Do you have a natural tendency of being down on life and yourself? Well, you’re not alone. With the constant pressure and struggle to be all that we can be as a society, people have never been more criticizing of themselves. I, too, struggle to be optimistic and to see the light in darker, stressful situations.

But there are ways to vanquish those dark feelings, to feel lighter and more positive. The three ways I’ve provided are three things you can start today. You don’t need to go out and buy something or do a bunch of research. You simply just must own your day and decide to make a difference with your time.

01. Make time for goals

Without goals, what is there to strive for? As human beings, we need that sense of purpose to keep us proactive in life. I always struggle to make time to think about my goals. What is it that I want? Ask yourself that question and see where it leads you.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the needs of others that we forget to pursue our own desires. Making time to have goals allows you to have a bounce in your step and a glimmer of hope in your eyes. What’s going to make your heart race and a smile spread across your face? Take the time to wonder.

02. Understand that not everything is personal

In today’s society, we have a bad habit of playing the victim. We take everyone’s issues personally – and even if you think you aren’t one of those people, I can promise there is still room for improvement in this arena of your life. It’s human nature to get sucked into others’ drama, to want to be part of the story.

However, the fact of the matter is, others’ issues aren’t your issues.

Be there for those who need help, but have a clear line set in your mind. Know when you’re investing yourself into anger and negativity and know when to pull away from it. By letting others’ issues be your problems, you’re letting them take control of your narrative. Be your own man or woman and try not to take everything too personally. Instead, spend your time nurturing and blossoming within a positive environment, and invite your friend(s) with the issues to join you in letting go.

03. Practice being kind to others by being kind to yourself, first

I have a problem with being down on myself – specifically about my weight. I grew up very tall and very thin, but in the last three years, I really let myself go. Though I know I’m beautiful (just in a different way than before), I still struggle to look in the mirror and remain positive.

Body image is just one of the ways people tend to be negative about themselves. With the beautiful models posted on every social network, it’s hard not to compare yourself to society’s ideal ‘body’ or ‘personality’ or whatever it may be for you.

The first step is to recognize the things your negative about, and instead of just talking badly about them all day long, doing something to proactively make you feel better about those character traits. For me, I found this in not making excuses to workout. I complain about my body and excess fat, but I don’t try to workout or eat healthier. How is that fair? That’s why I took initiative to add workouts to my week and to strive to eat better, especially at home where I have control over what’s in my fridge or pantry.

Choose to be happy and positive by promoting kindness to yourself. By doing so, you’ll soon be able to project that self-positivity and kindness onto others. In what areas of your life are you negative, and what can you do to be more positive about them? Sometimes, it’s not about changing things. Maybe it’s more about excepting a new reality and making the best of it. Whatever it may be, sitting around and dwelling on the negative will do nothing but make things worse.

These three ways to eliminate negativity are free. You can do them right now as you read this. Don’t wait to be happy or for happiness to find you. You can be happy right now.


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