It’s almost July, which means two things: (1) it’s going to get hotter than hot, and (2) you’re running out of time to get your Fourth of July party arrangements in order. If you’re looking to throw a backyard bash – maybe BBQ with a water gun fight and fireworks – but you don’t have any idea how to decorate your back yard, then this post is for you!

I love exploring Pinterest and finding DIYs that are more than crafts but something that will really elevate a room or area. For the Fourth of July, I focused on finding inspiration for decorations, such as table set ups, grass paint, and a fun spot to take some family photos. You can check them out below.

Setting the table

First, I found some of the most beautiful table set-ups for a Fourth of July backyard get-together. Having a great table setting can definitely help set the vibe you’re going for. If your party is mostly adults, and you’re going for something classier than BBQ, then having a beautiful floral arrangement, table cloth, and actual dinnerware is the way to go. Your guests will be thrilled with the care you took to make them feel welcome and presented with the best.

If you are going for a BBQ-vibe, because maybe you’ve got kids coming and just want to let loose and have some fun, then go for things that will make the clean-up afterwards easy. That means paper plates and plastic utensils, likely in red, white and blue. Go for a table cloth you don’t mind throwing away at the end of the night.

Some outdoor fun

Kids or adults, games are always a good idea! What I love about the ones I found is that they’re all super simple and shouldn’t break the bank. Plus, because many are crafts, it’s a great way to get the family outdoors and working together. In this day in age, we need all the help we can get in that department!

Don’t forget to be clicking the button following the photos to visit the Pinterest board. There, you can get directions on many of these DIYs.

Cute, DIY yard decor

Perhaps the most important part of the party – the venue! There are so many creative and awesome things you can do to your yard and home to brighten it up with red, white and blue.

Win the crowd over with a photo booth

Everybody’s got a cellphone, these days, and everybody is snapping away at your party – so you better have a great spot to take photos. Plus, why waste money on expensive family portraits, when you could set up a nice backdrop and take the photos during the party. Besides, you won’t need to coral any of your family members to a studio! Oh, and don’t forget some silly props for the kids (adults).

Be sure to start crafting now, and share with me your DIYs! Check out my Fourth of July Pinterest board for more inspiration.