At the moment, I’ve grown my hair out to that awkward spot – you know which spot I’m talking about. It’s not quite at my shoulder but not quite at my chin, and everything in me once to grab a pair of scissors and snip it to a satisfactory length. BUT I miss my long hair, the ability to tie it up in pretty scarves and fluff it into long waves. I haven’t had long hair since high school, and so I sought out solutions to my awkward hair length issue.

Of course, the first place I went was Pinterest. Ever since I relaunched my blog this month, Pinterest and I have become fast friends. I’ve organized all my boards, re-setup my Tailwind account, and have spent countless hours repinning the most beautiful of pins.

As you may know, Pinterest has a “Beauty” section on their explore page, which can also be divided into popular hair styles. That’s when I got to thinking about my own hair and what things I can do with it. It’s not long enough for anything elaborate, but there had to be something I could do, right?


Throughout this week, I tried these styles out on my awkward length hair, and I found myself either hating them or loving them. I’ll leave my review of each, as well as any tips I may have!

Style #1: The Braided Pigtails

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First, I wanted an easy hairstyle for working out that would keep all my hair out of my face. Since my hair doesn’t quite go into a topknot or ponytail, I opted for braided pigtails. What I loved about this hairstyle was that it took only three minutes to master and achieved keeping my hair out of the way. What I didn’t like about it was that you really need a great face shape to pull it off. Being that I’m slightly self-conscious of my rounder face, I felt like my double chin was too prominent. So, though it’s a comfortable style for working out at home, it’s not something I’d wear out to hangout with friends.

Here is the YouTube video I used to help me perfect the hairstyle:

Style #2: The Messy Half Top Knot

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Here’s the thing about any “messy” hairstyle – it just works for us awkward length-hair-people. Why? Well, because it doesn’t matter if our hair falls out of the bun in some areas! With a half-up-do, you have the ability to really add some personal touches. You can slick back half your hair into a nice messy bun, or you can simply throw it up and let your baby hairs fly. Out of all the styles I tried, this one was my favorite!

Style #3: Pinned-Up Bun With Scarf

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I always love a good hair accessory, and this style gave me the best excuse to try-out a small scarf I thrifted from a vintage shop down the street from my apartment. Since I can’t do a top-knot (though I’m sure that would be equally as cute), I opted for a low bun with the scarf. I simply tied my hair back normally and then tied the scarf around it. This style was super easy to do in the morning. It’s playful but still professional, especially if you slick the bun back. I wore it to work, and I felt pretty and kept my hair out of my face. I’ll definitely be doing this style more in the future. First, I need to invest in some more scarves!

Style #4: Twisted Half-Do

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Want to keep it super simple? Well, here’s possibly the easiest of them all – a twisted half-do. All you have to do is pull your hair half up, tie it loosely, and then flip the ponytail portion up and through the space between the back of your head and the ponytail holder. You know you’ve done it right if you’ve got yourself a twisted half-do! If you have naturally straight hair, consider teasing it and putting in some loose waves to add some volume and shape.

I hope that these four hairstyles help you get through your awkward hair length phase. There’s no reason to feel any less confident – not with these styles around! If you try one of these styles out, be sure to comment below and let me know how it works for you. Also, if you like this post, be sure to share it with your friends (: