As a creator, it is important to push my mind to the limit, and when I reach that point, it is even more important to go further. But, how? My solution is the use of mood boards. I find others’ work and progress to be a perfect way to push myself to the edge of my personal creativity.

For June 2018, I’ve been exploring my Pinterest, and I have fallen in love with the abundance of colors filling art, graphics, textures, fashions and writings this month. Each of these photos, I’ve pulled from this Pinterest board, where I accumulate them before writing my Mood Board post.

I especially love the Spring-like colors that have dressed the Summer. Usually, we see lots of neons and pop colors, but those – it seems – are saving themselves for fall, and the pastels of Spring are staying awhile. I can’t object. I’ve always loved pastels, which you can probably tell based off my website’s color palette.

There is a prevalence of pink this Summer, and though I haven’t always been pink’s biggest fan, I’m loving the ‘fun’ aspect it has in all its varieties – light pink, hot pink, magenta, etc.

Photography wise – there is an influence of natural, soft lighting. I have seen a decrease of hard edges and shapes. This kind of photography works incredibly well with closeup portraits. There are some interesting things with shadows that could be done, but I’ve noticed a decisive lack of shadow in recent photos. Photographers seem to be playing to the natural highlights of a person’s facial structure, or the way light glints off a particular object/building.

The art of subtlety and ambiguity plays into this mood board as a whole – and that’s something I want to transfer into my Fiction writing this month.

I have always loved flash and micro fiction writing, because it involves the act of ambiguity. It is all about saying a lot with a little, which can sometimes paint the most subtle yet complex stories. This month’s mood board has inspired me to write about the aspect of ‘au natural’ and valuing the soft beauty of our everyday life.

I want to write something that focuses on that natural beauty of life, and how that plays into who we are as people. Be sure to follow me on Medium to be updated when I do.

And that’s it for June’s Mood Board, folks! However, if you want to see more photos and things that are inspiring me this month, be sure to follow my June 2018 Mood Board on Pinterest:

Thanks for reading! Come back next month for more Mood Board inspiration. Quick disclaimer: All the photos used within this blog post were pulled from Pinterest, and all rights are reserved to the owners/photographers. If you have a Pinterest account you’d like me to follow, be sure to leave your username in the comments below. I’d love to connect and collaborate on a board sometime!