Hello! And welcome to my very first The Weekly Jinapher post! As you can tell, I’m a little excited…Why? Because these are posts where I have ZERO agenda except to blab about my week. It’s going to get straight-up diary, and that’s okay because it’s only happening once a week!

If you’re curious as to what I get up to during my week, what I have to say about what’s going on in the world, or literally anything about me – this is for you. I don’t have a plan. I did intend to take photos throughout the week to post with this, but it turns out nothing sparked my curiosity enough to photograph. However, I did get a tattoo this past Sunday during my sister’s bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, LA (don’t worry – there’s a post coming).

My First Tattoo (Kind Of)

The beginnings of my half sleeve

The tattoo, itself, is of a poppy (orange) and lilies (blue). They are actually only the flourish for the tattoo I desire, but because I have a small income, I couldn’t exactly drop a thousand big ones on the whole thing. So, I’m doing it in intervals, which is a tad frustrating. When people ask me, “Oh, what does it mean?” I have to wave them off. Otherwise, it’s a rather long explanation of what it will be when it’s done.

Other than that, I’m super happy with it. I got it done at Hell or Highwater Tattoos by artist Joe Greco – who straight-up looks like a reincarnation of Billy Joe. His specialty is wrap tattoos, and I loved that he was super chill about the whole process. It allowed me to be more relaxed, considering it was my first tattoo.

The peeling process just started yesterday (ick but also fascinating). I feel like a snake. A very cool, badass snake.

Getting A Move On

Come August, my lease at my apartment in Downtown Mobile, AL will be up, and I’ve officially decided not to renew. When I graduated college in March of 2017, I told myself I would travel more. Then, I got so excited about owning my first place all by myself, that got thrown out the window…sort of. I did travel more in 2017 then I did ever before, but still not to the extent that I want to. Plus, my parents helped me buy my Chevy Sonic Hatchback when I graduated for a reason.

It’s my newfound initiative to turn my bright yellow wheels into a functional camper, at least temporarily. I would love to have the HC1, a trailer I’ve been looking at for over a year, but it’s about twenty grand out of my reach. I figure, with a little bit of creativity and my dad’s help, I can probably make my car comfortable to live in.

The real question: will my cat and rabbit fit, too?

I hope so. They’ll probably both have to get accustomed to leashes, so they can get exercise, but I definitely don’t want to leave them with family if I decide to drive cross country for an extended amount of time.

I promise to update more on this process, even do some car-to-camper specific posts, in the future.

Upcoming Events

I haven’t publicly announced this, but I am super pumped to be attending the Hangout Music Festival this year. If you don’t know, I’m a bit of an Indie / Rock music junkee, and the Hangout’s setlist this year – I might faint. There are so many bands I’ve been dying to see that are coming, and the best part is this festival is local to me.

hangout-fest-2018-lineupAlso, my birthday is around the corner. I’ll be turning 21 on March 12th, and I’m pretty psyched. I’m hoping and praying I’ll be able to go to Paris either around that time or soon after. It’s been a dream of mine since I was five to NOT drink champagne until:

A. I was in Paris

B. It was the most expensive on the menu.

C. I sipped it on a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower

I’ve been high maintenance since forever, and my goals seem to be pretty far out of reach most of the time. However, it just makes it that more satisfying when I achieve them. So, dream big, kids. Dream big.

Before Hangout or my birthday is my eldest sister’s wedding, which I will be doing complete coverage for on my blog. I am the Maid of Honor, which is pretty cool, and it is Harry Potter themed. Can’t really get better than that. I figured I’d cover it, even though weddings aren’t my niche, because I know I’ve got a lot of Harry Potter fans in my audience. The wedding is on February 3rd, so expect that post shortly after!

Helping Third-World Countries

Lately, I have deeply felt the need to help others. Though I plan on getting more involved in my community until I can make my ultimate volunteer trip happen, I’d like to share with you how I plan on helping third-world countries in 2019, AND how you can help me do so.

Basically, I plan on submitting an application to be part of a program through PMGY (Plan My Gap Year), where I will be helping teach and empower women and children, as well as helping developing countries obtain sustainability. The trip I’m hoping to go on is the company’s “Ultimate Round The World Encounter”, which lasts 36 weeks and allows me to travel to multiple countries.

Not only will this be a great opportunity to blog and photograph, but this will be my first time volunteering and working with others in need outside of the USA. I’ve felt a tug on my heart to find more purpose in life through helping others, and this trip – I just know it – would be the perfect opportunity to do so, as well as advance my language and teaching skills.

Helping third-world countries is such a great way to live a more purposeful and fulfilled life. It would mean so much to me to have your support on this, as my readers and followers, by donating to my fundraiser. I will be accepting donation until January 26th of next year, and any and all details you need can be found on my campaign page.

Click Here to Donate

Every single dollar you or someone else donates to this trip will be used toward helping others. As far as personal expenses go, such as groceries and extracurricular activities, I’m paying out of pocket. Everything else is listed on that page and is required by PMGY. Under no circumstances are you required to or must donate, but if you’d like to, it is certainly appreciated.

When you do donate, or even if you don’t, please be sure to share my campaign page with your friends and family. It will only take about 600 people donating around $25 to meet my goal!

‘Til Next Time…

That’s it for this week, guys! I hope it wasn’t too boring. I’ll be sure to take more pictures next week and jot down some highlights on my phone, so I can give you a better, more detailed post. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding my tattoo, Hangout Fest, my birthday, the Harry Potter Wedding, or – of course – my fundraiser for PMGY! Thanks for reading.