The first week of 2018 has already gone by. As I get older, life moves quicker. Every moment seems to slip by. That, or my memory is getting worse, which is why I’ve taken up photography more than usual.

In December, I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina – where I lived briefly about seven years ago. I’d wanted to go back since the day I left, but it wasn’t until I graduated college and had a car with a running engine I was able to drive the 9 hours.

The Ravenel Jr. Bridge during a cloudy sunrise.

I stayed in a small motel near the Ravenel Jr. Bridge – room 213. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but I almost wish I had at the end. I swear, I’m the messiest person alive, a human tornado – and I regret not leaving a tip for the maid; I should have. It was a small room that smelt like weed and had thin walls. I could hear below and all around, but I slept – and that’s really all I needed it for.

A Charleston Alleyway
Beneath Washington Square's Christmas Tree
The Circular Church

My first day, I went downtown. The thing I love about Charleston is everything has details. Whether it was a shop front or a back alley, there was an opportunity to take a picture or make a note. There’s so much history behind everything there, and it was swarming with people, too.

I got to know the street names fairly quick. There was King St., of course, but I parked in a garage on Queen St. I walked Market St., cobble stone, graveyards, stores, Washington Square, and restaurants – and I only stopped when my feet couldn’t take it anymore. It was getting dark by then.

A tree growing between buildings
Tunnel at the Circle Church
Charleston Streets
Charleston Streets
Charleston City Market
Washington Square
A Charleston Home

The next day, an old friend took me to the Isle of Palms and Shem Creek. I’d seen the beach before, and I currently live near the Gulf (and before that in Orlando, FL). The beach, for me, is nothing new, but I like that every beach has a serenity to it. You can close your eyes and disappear for a moment.

The Isle of Palms
A seagull posing for me
My friend looking out at the water.

Shem Creek, I’d never been. We were at the boating dock, I believe, and we were there to catch it at sunset, which as far as I’m concerned is the only time to see Shem Creek. There were other photographers there. It’s definitely more of a touristy spot, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, and I took my favorite pictures there. They turned out just as dream-worthy as the actual moment had been.

Shem Creek Boating Dock

My trip wasn’t long – only a weekend plus a day – but it was a great trip. I love Charleston. I always have, and I can imagine myself going back. I just hope this time it doesn’t take seven years. What I took away from this trip, however, is to breathe. Like I said in the beginning, life moves quicker now. I can’t seem to keep up with it. The same goes for my travels. Anytime I go somewhere new, it’s impossible to enjoy it. I’m caught up in it all, tangled in it, so much so I can’t decipher how I feel about the place or the people or the time I had there.

Shem Creek

A resolution and goal I’ve made for myself this year and forever is to enjoy things while they last and try not to worry so much about seeing everything, because it’s impossible. Enjoy what you have in the moment and be grateful if the opportunity presents itself to explore it again. I lived in Charleston for two years, and I went back and saw things everyday I’d never noticed before or tried to see – and they’d been right there, mere miles away.

I wish to admire more things, to take them in completely rather than partially and moving on. Life is too short to be in such a rush.