I always go back and forth on what my blog should be. In the past, I've focused on writing, book reviews, and small bits of fashion, while more recently, I've dove into travel and fashion trends. At the end of the day, however, I'm not happy with it, and I've yet to figure out why, but something I miss most about my past blog was being able to have a venue to vent, to be real, and to connect. Something I want to experiment with in the coming months, especially since I've started a new job and won't be afforded a ton of time to travel, is crafting lifestyle posts. There are a lot of topics that weigh heavy on my heart, and I've personally been through so much - especially lately. I know I don't have much of an audience right now, and I firmly believe it's due to my lack of consistence and passion. In everything we do in life, we must have passion and resilience, but I've found lately I've lost the drive and will to create content. Even when I try to go back and write about my experiences on my East Coast road trip, I can't. It's like there's this wall up, forcing me to be distant from my blog - something I once loved and cherished. Part of this, I believe, stems from my ongoing struggle with depression, anxiety, and weight gain - and these are the things I want to address in the upcoming lifestyle posts. I felt the need to publish this post, to make my current readers aware of the change, because there will be a shift of tone in these posts. To protect myself, I often give off a fake, happy persona through my blog posts. always have my guard up, and it's caused my writing to be bland. So, as Fall comes around the corner, I want to tell you I'm genuinely excited for this next chapter, but I'm also scared. I'm scared to be honest and vulnerable, especially in an online space, but I can't expect to grow my blog without being someone others can resonate with. For a little bit, you will likely see a pause on travel and fashion posts while I work on writing my first lifestyle post. I want it to be detailed and helpful and relevant, so I'm taking the time to do it right. I love you guys. You keep me going, and I look forward to hearing your opinions next time.

Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman