07 - 28 - 17 My boyfriend and I road tripped through New England. We took my Chevy Sonic north, hitting Philly, Providence, Boston, Hartford, and we didn't stop till we hit Portland, Maine. Out of all the places we went on this trip, my favorite was Portland. It was the most enjoyable experience - camping out the back of my car, mac and cheese for breakfast, lobster rolls for lunch,  holy donuts, and amazing thrift shops on every corner. Portland had a little bit of everything, which I loved, yet it wasn't overwhelming in any way. I found solace in the fresh air, the constant lull of seagulls' cries, and perfect, low seventies weather. I took several photos, enthralled with the environment of the city.

I wish to go back to Portland one day - perhaps even live there. I always thought I loved Maine, and it would be the perfect place for a tiny house near the water on the out skirts of the city. A girl can dream, can't she? For now, I move into my new apartment in Mobile, AL Friday (08 - 18 - 17). Have you ever been to Maine or are from that area? If so, be sure to leave me a comment on your experience with Portland and the surrounding areas. I'd love to hear your stories.

Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman