Stolen from a French girl’s everyday wardrobe is the trend of easy elegance. Last year, the sweet and romantic look reigned – and despite it’s obvious comfortability, women globally have decided to go for something a little more put together than flowy in 2017. What does the easy elegance trend encompass? Today, I have for you looks I’ve pulled from Pinterest and the runway for inspiration, key pieces you must have to accomplish the look, and the most affordable places to buy them.

Top Looks From Pinterest and The Runway

Key Elements

Unfitted, Patterned Pants

Chunky, Waist Belt

Kitten Heels

Mid-Length Skirts

The Sweatshirt Top

A Statement Handbag

Big but Simple Jewelry and Accessories

Messy but Contained Au Natural Hair

A Limited Make-up to Bare Face

Affordable Shops

Try the trend out and leave me a comment. Let me know how you styled your key elements. Personally, I’m enjoying the patterned pants and the statement jewelry. Keep in mind, not all of these elements need to be in a singular outfit. Mix and match them, find a good balance of your personal style, and be creative!

Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman