When I created my blog, I wanted to play a part in everything I loved – writing, books, movies, fashion, travel, advice…The list never ended. After a couple years of trying to maintain everything under the sun, I came to the smarter decision of narrowing down my niche.


For years, I’ve struggled with finding my sweet spot. I loved books and writing, but I never wanted to blog about them. They were things I liked to do in my spare time and not for a public audience. I loved fashion and lifestyle, but not enough to pursue it every time I wrote a new post. I dabbled in it all, and there wasn’t just one that stuck with me.


Then, I decided to take something I always wanted to do (travel) and mix it with something I had good taste in (style). I wanted to focus on what it means to travel, how to do so on a budget, the places I visited – and how I did all of it fashionably.


And, that’s where I’m at now.

My blog is a place of reflection for me. It’s a place I can come to when my journal won’t suffice, and I hope that the content I produce others can relate to. As much as I know how well the “How to” and “Guide to” posts will promote on Pinterest and other social networks, I also know I don’t enjoy writing them as much as I do my stories.

I don’t believe my travel writing is publishable material, not yet. I’m not sending it to National Geographic, that’s for sure. However, I still want to share my experiences in travel and style, because even though it’s not the best of the best (which I fully admit), I hope it’s entertaining in the eyes of, well, you.

If you see a shift in my content, that’s why. I will still provide a “How to” or “Guide to” every now and then when I visit a new place, but I rather provide you with stories of my experiences in those places.

Also, stories push me to actually do something, whereas “How to” and “Guide to” articles just take sitting down at my desk and doing some research. Plus, there are so many blogs out there, today, producing the EXACT same content. I swear, some bloggers just mirror each other. I prefer to provide you with something unique to my blog: my stories. No one else is going to be able to tell you my story, except me.

Goal : Be Uniquely Me

As for fashion, I plan on doing mostly photo-related posts. I’ll show you what I wore and wear, and I’ll provide you with links to the product or similar products. I’ve always loved fashion, and I think opening it up as a category on my blog will allow me to step away from travel every now and then and do something different for you guys.

I realize this is another post, where I’m just telling you things I’m going to do. I promise this will be the last for awhile. I’m posting this 1) for your benefit/to know what to expect, and 2) for my own benefit/to get my head in the game. Posting this stuff keeps me accountable, so even though it’s not the most entertaining post in the world, at least I’m being open and honest with you about my intentions for this blog.

Anyhow, I love you guys, and I appreciate you all so much for being here and reading my content – even if it is just a few of you. I hope that producing more stories won’t turn you off of my blog. Instead, I hope it will excite you about new, unique reading material.

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Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman

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