Around midnight on June 6th, my friends and I set off on a mini road trip to Miami. It was the only place in Florida with an OK forecast, and so that’s where we went. Turned out, however, the Weather App failed us.


We sat on the beach for maybe twenty minutes at around 6 am, and it sprinkled. We looked to our right, and the buildings – clear a moment before – were shrouded in a sheet of pouring down rain.


We headed for cover at the nearby Starbucks as wind whipped through the palms. Fortunately, Miami Beach wasn’t too bad to look at in a storm. Known for its clear, beautiful weather, we discovered a rarer form of Miami. My battery was low, but I was able to capture some of the storm and my friends within it.

Though I’m pretty positive I’ve contracted a small flu from Miami’s rainy weather, it was a great trip to spontaneously take with my friends. I’m sad to be leaving Florida at the end of this week. There’s still so much here I’ve yet to see and explore, but it’s time to set off for a new place. Maybe, another time. Can’t say I’ll miss the humid, however.

Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman