Going on the road is great for a lot of reasons.


It means exploring the world, its natural beauty, and discovering new pieces of yourself.


And, though I love being on the road as much as the next travel-obsessed gal, I also really love calling a place home.


In a lot of ways, when you travel a lot, home becomes more of an ideal than a place. Home is the road, because you love it. Home is the people, because they’re there when you need them. Home is, essentially, where the heart is.


However, there’s also something about having a little apartment in the city you can come back to.


There’s something about painting walls, cooking a meal in the kitchen, or hanging up ornaments of the Christmas Tree.


Sometimes, it’s really awesome to have a home that’s stationary, that’s constant.


That’s why, today, I want to dive into why it’s important to have this place in your life, especially as a traveler.

Many times, the first complaint I hear about having a home is rent. Travelers rather spend money on a flight each month than pay rent, which makes perfect sense.


However, no one ever said you have to pay rent. Home doesn’t need to be a place you sole own. In fact, despite having lived in Orlando for 2 years, I only very recently called my apartment my home. Before then, I always thought of home as where my parents live in Alabama.


A lot of travelers don’t realize that their stationary home probably doesn’t cost a dime. Here’s how you know:

A Home is Well-Lived In

Home is a place that has memories. You should be able to picture every room in the house and remember something that has happened in each room. For example, when I think of the rec room of my parents’ house, I think of playing Nerf with my brothers or teaching my baby nephew how to play foosball.

A Home Is a Place You Can Let Yourself Go

Often times during travel, your forced to take on a certain kind of role. If you’re with a group, perhaps you feel the need to become more responsible and reasonable. If you’re by yourself, maybe you feel you have to extra cautious.


At home, you should be able to let your hair be a mess, take the makeup off, and wear fuzzy socks without complaint. You can dance with or without people watching, and it won’t matter. You can say stupid stuff or yell at the TV, and no one will care.


Home is where you can truly be yourself. Whether we mean to or not, us humans tend to have a way about being a little more dressed up for life, but way more relaxed for a stay-at-home day.

A Home Is Stable

Your home should be a place that is stable and sane with just the right amount of crazy. It’s a place that is constant, and at the end of the day it will still be there.


A lot of times, people will say, “Home isn’t a place. It’s people.” While that’s true to a certain degree, having a stable, non-emotional, place you can find solitude and relaxation is great as a stress reliever. However, much like how my parents’ house is what I had thought of as home, whether it be family or friends — having great people within a great home is always better.

A Home Mirrors Your Personality

This can be harder to do and have when you live with someone else. However, if you do, take these principles and apply them to your bedroom. Going home to a place that mirrors your personality is a welcoming embrace.


For example, I currently live with two roommates because of cheaper rent, and I really only have any control over the way my bedroom looks. To be honest, it’s a jumbled mix of colors, grays, and whites with an exposed closet. It’s small, and it definitely wouldn’t make it onto Pinterest, but every inch of it is covered with things that are me.


When I come home from an adventure, it’s nice to be surrounded by so many familiar, me things after being around the unfamiliar for however long I was gone. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeking and seeing new things and places, but having one place dedicated to all that I am is really nice at the end of the day.

When Being on the Road Ends, It's There

Lastly, whether it’s funds, age, or the general desire to settle down, the traveling days eventually come to an end. Our focuses drift from landscapes to putting children through school, vet bills for the new pet, or saving up for an early retirement.


The truth is we can’t travel forever, and when we have to stop, our home will be there.


Home is the place that waits on you to come back.

As a traveler, it can be seriously refreshing to know after a trip I have a home to go back to. It makes me happy to know I can have a lazy Sunday in my own bed, or I can write a blog post at my own desk.


That being said, a home, I suppose, doesn’t necessarily need to be stationary. I’ve seen the campers and tiny homes, and I hope to one day live in a tiny house too. I love the idea of being able to take my home with me wherever I go, but until the day I can afford to do that, my apartment is just fine.


Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman