Autumn is certainly in the air here in Orlando, or maybe it’s just the cloud coverage from mid-Atlantic hurricanes. Either way, the heat has dropped from I’m-so-sweaty-I-have-to-take-a-shower-every-five-minutes to this-is-slightly-more-sufferable. For me, my favorite seasons are what I like to call “The Mid Seasons”, which are autumn and spring. Anyone who knows me knows I call the 65 to 73 degree weather “Jina Weather”, because it’s the only type of weather I exist happily in. Of course, in Orlando, I can get that weather but it will still feel like it’s 100 degrees outside. So, I’m pretty happy for the recent cloud-age. That being said, it’s time for an autumn post! I’ve decided to do some brainstorming on the top ten FREE things to do as the weather finally starts to cool off, though you may need to spare some gas money for a few.

1. Go for a walk.

The first is the easiest. Going for a walk, whether it’s with a friend or by yourself, can be so relaxing in the cooler months. Slip on a scar, a beanie, and your favorite pair of jeans, and then pick your destination. Being in Orlando, it’s hard to find good places to walk and still feel safe. If you’re in the area, I recommend Baldwin Park. You can walk all the way around the lake and even stop at the Dog Park for a bathroom break, and speaking of dogs, take your animals on a walk with you! It’s free, it’s relaxing, it’s healthy, and best of all, it’s cooler outside so you won’t get all sweaty.

2. Go for a bike ride.

This second free thing kinda goes along with the first, but unfortunately is only free if you own a bike. Bike rides are so nice during autumn. Imagine: the cool breeze running through your hair, blowing back your clothes, and the fresh, crisp smell of dying leaves. Really, what more could you ask for? Plus, this is another activity that you can buddy up for and stay healthy. It’s basically effortless exercise, especially if you’re like me and have a cute vintage cruiser bike. However, if you don’t have a bike, there are many parks within cities that will allow you to rent a bike, typically by the hour, and for a cheap cost. So, even though it won’t be completely free for you, it would still be a lot cheaper that other things.

3. Fly a kite.

This third free thing is another thing that is free if you already have a kite. If not, kites are cheap. Just run to your nearest Walmart and get yourself one of those bad boys. Flying kites, to me, is so much fun and I hardly ever do it. I forget about it all the time, and thanks to Pinterest, it refreshed my mind on the idea. With autumn, usually the wind picks up a little bit, making it the perfect time to fly kites.

4. Take time in your nearest park.

The fourth free thing has a lot to do with the community you live in. I know this is kinda null for smaller towns, but here in Orlando we have a “central park”, which is perfect for many organizations to host events in. Usually cities will have a community calendar, or local organizations will have an event calendar you can check for events on. For me, the local theatre called The Enzian hosts “Popcorn Flicks” in the park, which are completely free. All you have to do is bring a blanket or chair to sit on. Then, you get to watch a movie on a screen within the park. However, that’s only one event of many. Plus, there doesn’t need to be a community event for you to find a nice outdoor space and relax.

5. Read a book in a coffee shop.

Number five is a personal favorite of mine, though I can honestly say I rarely do it. I’ve always wanted to find a good coffee shop to curl up in and read in. However, I’ve yet to find that special place. But, if you have, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it! Imagine: a steaming cup of coffee, a good book, and a chunky sweater. Get your relaxation on.

6. Have tea at home with a friend.

For the sixth thing, it’s time to break out the teapot. If you’re anything like me, I always have like six different teas up in the cabinet. Invite a friend(s) over and brew your favorite blend. Then, sit down and chat. Spend all the quality time you’ve been really missing out on due to work or school or everything else life throws in your path. You’d probably be surprised with how some laughter and good conversation could lighten your stress load and brighten your day.

7. Check Facebook for events happening in your city.

This seventh thing to do is perhaps the most useful. On Facebook, you can search for events happening in your city or one close by. You can find events for that day, the weekend, or the upcoming week. Some of the events won’t be free, but a lot of them will be. Find a book reading or a karaoke night. Take your friends out for a night on the town on a minimum budget. Facebook is for more than hilarious rants and cute bunny videos. It could help you find a solution to your empty weekend.

8. Work on some writing.

Now, I know not everyone reading this will be writers, but considering this is a blog on writing and lifestyle, I felt the need to add this as number eight. Writing can be such a relief. You don’t have to have a plan or organized notes, just free write. Let what’s trapped in your mind free itself on the page. I know I always am able to calm down after a stressful day if I write in my journal. It may be cliche, and it may make you feel like you’re eight years old again, but journal writing is actually pretty therapeutic. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your bed, maybe with some homemade hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

9. Browse the web.

Number nine is both free and comes with intentional laziness. It’s time to put on your fuzzy socks and cruise the web, whether it’s online window shopping, social media, or – dare I say it – watching hilarious cat videos. You can stay in bed, lay on the couch, sit on the back porch, or if it’s been a busy day, you can do it in the car (PARKED, NOT DRIVING). You could even Wikipedia words you don’t know and learn something new (something to tell yourself). I personally have taken a liking to creating my dream house through Pinterest.

10. Get your fitness on.

I know. I know. Working out, really? It’s too much work, right? Maybe it is, but hey, it’s free. I’ve been working out as much as I possibly can in the last six months. I love the rush of running outside or doing a ten minute workout in the park. I also love having at home workouts that I can literally do on my bed in my pajamas. I usually pull my workouts from Pinterest or, weirdly enough, Instagram. There’s so many fitness gurus on Instagram right now that post fitness videos. I like to follow their accounts and try some workouts I’ve never done before. It keeps things new and interesting. I know repetitive routines can help build muscle, but I’ve always been looking to kill some time, clear my head, and burn some calories.