I recently followed Insider Travel on Facebook, and it got me thinking about everywhere I want to visit after I graduate college. I may not be able to go there right now, but a girl can dream, right?

Paris, France

Photographed by Moyan Brenn
Photographed by Moyan Brenn

Oui, my first choice is Paris. The architecture, the fashion…a true city of lights and love. I’ve been saving up to go for years, but finally opened up a savings account specifically for it. No excuses now!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photographed by Bert Kaufmann

A prime getaway for culture and a good bike ride, Amsterdam is second on my list. It’s so beautiful, and I think it would be awesome to stay on a house boat for a few days and explore the labyrinth of streets.

Placencia, Belize

Photographed by dronepicr
Photographed by dronepicr

Crystal clear waters, never-ending sunny days…honestly, who doesn’t want to vacay in this paradise?

Barcelona, Spain

Photographed by Moyan Brenn

Ah, Barcelona. A city of culture and gorgeous architecture. To walk through the streets is an experience of its own.

Prague, Czech Republic

Photographed by Roman Boed

Immerse yourself in a city of fairytales. The splendor of gothic architecture adorns Prague’s streets, and it’s one of the more affordable stays to add to your planner.

Rome, Italy

Photographed by Moyan Brenn

Roma. A city of romance and fabulous Italian culture. This destination is at the top of most traveler’s lists for its Colosseum, Pantheon, and Sistine Chapel.

Hong Kong, China

Photographed by Nicolas Vollmer

Probably the only place in the world you’ll find Disney crammed next to Temples. A massive city in China, Hong Kong should be on your list for it’s diverse Chinese culture.

Crete, Greece

Photographed by Ken Curtis

Sandy beaches. Soaring mountains. Mythology galore. Crete is a must for your travel planner, especially if you’re into Greek Mythology and culture.

Tokyo, Japan

Photographed by Moyan Brenn

Historic temples. Fish markets. Shopping. Disney. Towers. Mountains. Seriously, this Japanese capital is a vibrant aurora waiting for you to dive in.

Budapest, Hungary

Photographed by Moyan Brenn

Calling all wine and Renaissance lovers, Budapest is waiting.

Zurich, Switzerland

Photographed by Pedro Szekely

Though this will be one of your more expensive destinations, no matter the time of year, Zurich is a breath of Dark Ages air, but instead of plague you are embraced with high-end shops, local wine, and delectable Swiss chocolates – all while walking the street of medieval times.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photographed by Daniel Hardman

Host to the 2016 Olympics and thriving with attractions and festivals, Rio is a great place to get your party on. See the Christ the Redeemer statue and eat at some decadent restaurants.

Maui, Hawaii

Photographed by dronepicr

Rainforests, beaches, luau performances, oh my! Maui, Hawaii is a great place to kick back, relax, and explore.

London, England

Photographed by Hernán Piñera

The London Eye. Buckingham Palace. Museums and fashion. London is a top travel destination for many travelers, and typically one of the first on the list when it comes to Europe.


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