zig zag dress - h & m
gray shirt and joggers - h & m
striped romper - forever 21
backless skater dress - forever 21

I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve leaned away from neons and bold patterns, and adjusted to a more simplistic, minimal and affordable look. T-shirts, flirty dresses, maxi skirts – I’ve always pulled inspiration from the likes of Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, but I love a good, mod taste.

When modern and vintage come together, we get the t-shirt dress shown above. The zig zag prints is small and not overbearing, but there. It adds character and with it being a plain, t-shirt dress adds a modern twist. I dressed it with pears to add my own vintage spin, and I’d accompany it with scrappy heels or oxfords.

As for the second look, it’s very comfortable. I like comfort. Silky crop tops and joggers have become what I live in because they’re easy to pair with sandals or even my Vans. It can be chic with the right accessories and slicked back hair, but it can also be casual with sneakers and a messy bun.

The third is a romper. “Easy, effortless, closet essentials” as I call them. When I don’t have time to plan an outfit, a romper is my go to. In one swift movement I can be dressed, throw some shoes on, and go. Plus, they’re light weight and, typically, breathable, which is a must for the hot Spring and Summer months down here in Orlando.

The last is my flirty dress. Every Spring wardrobe needs one. It’s short, but not too short, and it flows. It exposes all the best parts of you, and when you where it you feel pretty and confident. Every girl should adopt a dress like this. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a date or for a girl’s day or even just to flounce around the house in. Everyone needs a confidence booster and dresses like these are the primary source.

Spring Wardrobes should be light, effortless looks. Go for pastels – my favorite this year being a baby teal – and let your natural looks shine through. Put on less makeup and give your hair a break from heat. Eat healthy and stay fit. Summer is just around the corner and you’ll regret not putting in the effort now to be your best you when it’s time to hit the beach.