I visited New York for my birthday weekend (March 10-13, 2016), and decided to video my travels. My biggest inspiration while I was there was pulled from its people — the way they talk, rush, sit, etc… I found solace in their busy way of life, and admired the way they hurried, yet all lived the same pattern. There were teas and trinkets, fashion and beauty, but naturally, I was drawn to the tall buildings, gray atmosphere, and the smell of pizza. Though I found the city to be overwhelming, compared to my life down South, I also found that it was a place of opportunity, culture, and adventure. It was a city of connections, every part of town led to another, and I was able to visit Times Square, Brooklyn, 5th Avenue, Greenwich, SoHo, China Town, Little Italy, and so much more. My most prized moment was eating a hot dog on the Upper East Side with– of course– everything on it. I felt foreign in the big city, but I also felt in place. No judgment or sideways glances, only me walking down the streets with my mom. There was a melancholy fear of loneliness in the air that surrounded me, but at the same time, there were so many faces I’d never seen before. Names shouted across Union Park. Bumped shoulders in China Town. A grudged “Sorry” here and there when I stepped on toes. Perhaps the “Sex and The City” glamour wasn’t quite there. It was polluted by the rush. Every corner offered a new sound and smell. My senses were indulged for those few days I was there. I couldn’t help but think there wasn’t enough room for me, but nevertheless there was. The city was big, but it was small. It was a community of no-names, and everything came and went as a “take-it or leave-it” moment. It sincerely was the City That Never Sleeps. Mixed feelings, mixed people, and a mixed situation. I took it, and I left it — but I’m sure I’ll return.