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15 Tribes That DOUBLED My Pinterest Traffic in Less Than 30 Days!

Get free access to the exact Tailwind Tribes I used to DOUBLE my Pinterest traffic in less than a month! PLUS – learn how to find the perfect Tailwind Tribes for your niche.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means you may click on something, and I may get a small comission. However, this is at NO extra cost to you. In fact, it’s a win-win situation in that you more than likely get a discount, and I get to blog next month! Scroll to keep reading (:

Fill out your details + recieve a FREE resource sheet of 15 Tailwind Tribes to join, TODAY!


what are tailwind tribes?

Tailwind Tribes are groups of like-minded pinners that comes together and share their latest pins/content.

Are you unfamiliar with Tailwind? Click here.

When you join a Tailwind Tribe, you can share your own pins, and others will reshare/repin them.

This helps you massively grow your Pinterest virality – meaning more eyes will see your content.

If you are a writer or an author, this is a fantastic way to share your blog posts that advertise your novel or works.

I joined Tailwind three months ago, but I didn’t fully start implementing Tribes into my strategy until the beginning of this month.

My results?

In less than 30 days, my Pinterest traffic doubled from 200k+ monthly viewers to 400k+! Those are crazy numbers, and my blog traffic has never been better.

These are my personal results, but Tailwind does publish the Typical Growth in Repins and Followers of everyone who uses their tool if you’re curious.

Fill out your details + recieve a FREE resource sheet of 15 Tailwind Tribes to join, TODAY!

how to use tailwind tribes to double your traffic

Before you can use Tailwind Tribes, you must join some Tribes in your niche.

It’s super easy to search for Tailwind Tribes! All you do is, on your Tailwind Dashboard, click “Tribes”.

Then, at the top of the Tribes page, click “Find a Tribe”. It should bring you to a page that looks like this:

As you can see, Tailwind makes things easy for you by supplying some pre-picked niches/categories. You can click on one of these, or you can search for one more relevant.

In this case, I would want to join “writing” Tribes. So, I searched:

Notice off to the side of each Tribe how there is an activity bar graph. You want to choose Tribes that have high activity.

In this case, “Author Tips, Resources & Advice has the best activity you can have via a Tribe.

You can sometimes “Join Now” on a Tribe, if they are public. However, more often than not, Tribes are private, and you will need to “Request to Join” them.

You can also tap “Preview Tribe” to see what kind of pins people post within the Tribe. I find this particularly helpful.

If I preview a tribe, and none of the pins that do well within it are remotely relevant to my own, then I can get a pretty good idea on how my own pins would perform.

The great thing about Tribes is you don’t have to join for life. If you join a Tribe and find it’s not right for you, you can leave it for another one.

Under Tailwind’s cheapest account, you can join up to 10 Tribes. I recently upgraded to unlimited Tribes. I wanted to join as many as I could, so I could find the best ones for you.

Fill out your details + recieve a FREE resource sheet of 15 Tailwind Tribes to join, TODAY!

implementing a Tribe strategy

After you join the Tribes you want, I recommend pinning to them once a day.

Unfortunately, Tailwind does not currently offer automated posting to Tribes. So, you will need to do this manually.

However, I like doing it manually. It gives me a chance to look at all the different pins, as well as share some of them to my Tailwind Schedule.

Something else I recommend as part of your strategy is to not pin the same pin to more than three of the same-niche Tribes.

For example, if you join all writing Tribes, then be sure to have a variety of pins to share. Often, Tribe members overlap between Tribes of the same niche. That means, if a pinner is more than one of the tribes you are in, they will likely only re-share ONE of your pins.

By having a variety of pins (even if they link to the same content), a pinner will be less likely to think they are re-sharing the same content.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below! 


Fill out your details + recieve a FREE resource sheet of 15 Tailwind Tribes to join, TODAY!

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