Beautiful Maine

My boyfriend and I road tripped through New England. We took my Chevy Sonic north, hitting Philly, Providence, Boston, Hartford, and we didn't stop till we hit Portland, Maine. Out of all the places we went on this trip, my favorite was Portland. It was the most enjoyable experience - camping out the back of my car, mac and cheese for breakfast, lobster rolls for lunch,  holy donuts, and amazing…

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Fall 2017 has an edge of absurd fabrics and color palettes. Of course, we can always count on our darker shades but less on our dark skinny jeans. With "skinnies" on the brink of death, designer lines cling to a new look - flattering, wide-leg and straight-leg pants or culottes, as well as broad-shouldered blazers and overcoats. All of these styles are made of velvet.

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Easy Elegance

Stolen from a French girl's everyday wardrobe is the trend of easy elegance. Last year, the sweet and romantic look reigned - and despite it's obvious comfortability, women globally have decided to go for something a little more put together than flowy in 2017. What does the easy elegance trend encompass? Today, I have for you looks I've pulled from Pinterest and the runway for inspiration, key…

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From Me to You:

Vintage & designer clothing thrifted from around the globe - sold exclusively from my Depop store.

LetterFrom TheWriter.

Dear Readers,

Thank-you for taking the time to visit my website and read or shop my adventures. My name is Jinapher. I am twenty years old, I love my cat, and while I have a permanent residence in small, Mobile, I work hard all year long to play hard for three to four months - traveling the world, discovering beautiful places, and curating pieces for my one-of-a-kind shop. Before I die, I wish to travel a million miles. My blog is the place I discuss my adventures, my styles, but most importantly, my experience. A traveling lifestyle is coveted by so many, and with my freelance job, I'm blessed with the opportunity to live that lifestyle. At times, it is not glamorous. Traveling throughout the US, I've slept out of the back of my Chevy Sonic - sometimes in hotel parking lots and sometimes at campgrounds. Often, I don't shower for days (thank-you, dry shampoo), and even more often, I'm eating junk. This blog is about the good times, but it's also about the bad. It's about chasing after my dream of a million miles, even if it's on a tight budget. As for style? Always. My desire to spend money is one I can't seem to snuff. I love shopping consignment and vintage thrift shops, and I like to dress to the nines whenever I can. I plan to share with you my style, my shopping habits, and what I wore in what places on the blog. Plus, with my Depop store launching, I'm excited to not only shop for me, but shop for you too! I am so happy you've decided to join me on this adventure. Be sure to subscribe and follow my social media accounts to stay up to date.

Always,Jinapher J. Hoffman